Royal Hunt

2-CD & DVD

Release date: December 8th 2006
Frontiers Records
Provided by:
Zink Music

Symphonic Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November 17th 2006

Royal Hunt belongs on a stage in front of a big crowd, which they prove once and for all on this outstanding live recording. Actually the title is a bit misleading, because the album was actually recorded last year - November 2nd, 2005 to be exact.

To fans the reason is pretty obvious, their last double live album was called '1996', and the next in line should then be entitled: '2016'... This performance was recorded and filmed in Sct. Petersburg, Russia in front of more than a 1000 enthusiastic fans - even though they remain seated for most parts of the show, they do get behind the band and enjoy the show.

The band is super-tight, having fun and playing an outstanding gig: original drummer Kenneth Olsen is pounding away behind the drum kit, André Andersen doing his usual magic with ease and the 2 new guys; Marcus Jidell (Guitars) and Per Schelander (Bass) are delivering the goods like had they been in the band for years - they have fully been integrated in the sound. And it's pretty hard not to be impressed with John West live on stage - his stage presence and voice is simply awesome. Maria McTurk on backing vocals is a big part in the vocal harmonies and choruses, and she falls nicely in line with the rest of the band.

The set list leaves absolutely nothing to be desired for, all of the classics are present, and we get something from all of the albums! One highlight chases another, my personal highlights include: "The Mission", "Last Goodbye", "Surrender", "Lies", "Message to God" and off course "Epilogue".

This release is available both as a double CD (with the bonus track: "Long Way Home" from 'Paradox' - here in a shorter version with John West on vocals) and on DVD. The DVD has the entire show and a cool 20 minutes section with backstage footage and interviews.

Within a fortnight we have been blessed with 2 brilliant power metal live releases, first Kamelot and now Royal Hunt, and if you like me enjoys these two bands, then get them both, because they are both awesome in their own terms!