Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen


Andre Andersen and his compatriots in Royal Hunt experienced their biggest success in the mid-90’s with D.C. Cooper behind the microphone, so the excitement was big when they decided to reunite back in 2011. Not that the two vocalists John West and Mark Boals were bad or did a bad job on any of the albums they took part on, it’s just that the magic seems only to work when Andre and D.C. are working together.

“Devil’s Dozen” is studio album number thirteen from the hands of Andre Andersen, and his very distinct sound and writing style is easily picked out in a crowd. You either love or hate his sound, but he sticks to his guns and delivers within the same, safe confines each and every time.

The formula hasn’t changed a lot over the years, even with numerous line-up changes, because the mainstay remains the same, so does the sound. So you know how this will be soundwise, and with D.C. Cooper back in the line-up you also know the vocal deliverance will also be top notch.

Royal Hunt takes, as expected, us down the paths they’ve walked before; with strong melodies, exquisite keyboard playing, big pompous choirs and brilliant leads. The question remains: what new do they bring to the table? Not much, just eight new songs in familiar territory, well executed and produced.

So is it enough to excite your normal metal fan? Well, it’s still just below the absolute elite in the genre, and the sheer quality in skills, songs and production should help them excite listeners on the same level as always.

A good, not a great album, but one that brings exactly what you would expect!


  1. So Right So Wrong
  2. May You Never (Walk Alone)
  3. Heart On A Platter
  4. A Tear In The Rain
  5. Until The Day
  6. Riches To Rags
  7. Way Too Late
  8. How Do You Know (bonus track)

Playing time: 51:18

Release date: August 21, 2015

Label: Frontiers Records


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