Rotten Casket – Emerged From Beyond

Members of this band also played in bands such as Caedere, Bloody Remains, Pulverizer and Deifecation. This Dutch band released two cassettes in 2015 and has now put both together on this cd. Both the cassettes were limited to 100 pieces, at the beginning of this year the songs were  digital available and now also as a hardcopy.

The first 6 songs are from the cassette ‘Consumed By Filth’ the others from ‘Simply Rotten Death’.  The songs from the first cassette sound a little heavier, but over all the cd has a good sound and for fans of real old school Swedish D-beat death metal an album they will really like. Last weekend I saw the band Entrails and Entombed A.D. live and looking at the reactions of the crowd, this metal style is still popular. The crunchy and dirty chainsaw guitar sound in combination with the typical drum style and the low grunts is something that never bores. Certainly if it is done in such a good and professional way as Rotten Casket does. The music sounds like Grave, Dismember, Entombed and Unleashed combined with some slower parts reminding a bit of Asphyx and Autopsy. Original? No, but well done!

If you are a fan of one of this six bands, or all of them, you will listen to this with a smile on your face. Almost an hour of music to enjoy and older readers will also recognize the last song “Tangled In Gore” (Gorefest cover).



01. Morbid Transgressions
02. Glorious Guesome Murder Manifestasions
03. Unknown Graves
04. In Search For the Perfect Skin
05. Culpable Homicide
06. Emerged From Beyond
07. Vortex Of Insanity
08. Falling Skies
09. Breed Of Osteophagia
10. Leeches Of the Cross
11. Drowned In Darkness
12. Tangled In Gore


Playing time: 58:00

Release date: 27 June 2016

Label: Underground Movement


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