Live in Canada 2005 - The Dark Secret

Release date: January 23rd 2006
Label: Magic Circle Music
Target (Denmark)
Symphonic Power Metal

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: February 22nd 2006

After five albums, three EP’s and two singles Rhapsody is back with a live album. Actually I am not a big fan of live albums, the two best live albums in my book was released in the mid-eighties by Iron Maiden “Live after Death” and Scorpions “World Wide Live”.

“Live in Canada – The Dark Secret” was funnily enough recorded in Montreal, Canada, when Rhapsody was on tour with Manowar on the "Demons, Dragons and Warrior’s World Tour". “Live in Canada” contains tracks from all of the Rhapsody albums except from the debut album “Legendary Tales”, I don’t know why great tracks such as “Land of Immortals” or “Rage of the winter” didn’t make it on to the album.

But except for the above-mentioned songs “Live in Canada” contains all the essential Rhapsody hits, such as “Unholy Warcry”, “Wisdom of the Kings”, “The Village of the Dwarves” & “Dawn of Victory” etc.

The sound on “Live in Canada” is just exceptional, but isn’t that always the case with stuff produced by Sascha Paeth?

This is certainly one of the best live albums I have listened to in the last decade, only one problem it’s too damn short.

The limited edition of “Live in Canada” comes with a bonus DVD, with behind the scenes material and the complete album in 5.1 Surround sound.  

Recommended Tracks: All.