Rezet – Reality Is A Lie

Death Angel, Flotsam & Jetsam, Suicidal Angels, Destruction, Warfect, Paradox, After All, Assassin and now this German band Rezet. That’s a hell of a lot of thrash in 2 months…. Not one of them isn’t worth listening to and should be part of your collection if you are a thrash lover. I only wonder who is going to buy all this stuff….

Take for example this Rezet, the songs have influences in them of the known combos, but with some fine tempo changes and strange breaks. The musicianship of the members is splendid and that also counts for the production. The singing of Ricky Wagner is aggressive, but with a higher pitched sound than we are used from the average thrash band. The tempo of the songs is high and in “Dying By the States” they exalerate in super high speed. Certain guitar parts of that track have some Possessed influences in them. That early Metallica is an influence as well can be heard in “Too Smart To Live”.

The mix of old school German with early eighties (Bay Area) thrash is a mix we hear from many bands, but somehow Rezet gives it something extra. I advice you all to give this album a chance.



01. Reality Is A Lie
02. Madmen
03. Dying By the States
04. Dead City
05. Cannibal’s Revenge
06. Breaking the Chains
07. Checkmate (War is Hell)
08. Too Smart To Live
09. Worm In The Core
10. Lost
11. Fight For Your Life
12. Like a Wolf

Playing time: 61:00

Release date: 27 May 2016

Label: Mighty Music


Reinier de Vries
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