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Look at this line-up:
* Craig Goldy, guitars – Dio, Rough Cutt, Giuffria
* Vinny Appice, drums – Dio, Heaven & Hell, Black Sabbath
* Sean McNabb, bass – Dokken, Great White
* Chas West, vocals – Red Dragon Cartel

Pretty impressive if you ask me. Just another “supergroup” with no real relevance is probably the initial though many will have, simply we’ve seen so many star-constellations over the years, and not all have lived up to the hype.

But this is thankfully not the case here: no this is a rock solid Classic Rock album that brings us back to the hay-days of bands like Rainbow, Whitesnake and Dio. Guitar-driven hard rock with pounding drums and a strong vocalist.

People might have forgotten just how talented and impressive Craig Goldy really is, but on this album he showcases his skills. A master at his trade, one masterful riff, lick and lead follow another and elevates this album up and above the masses. And the supporting cast lays down some serious rhythms to tie it all together. Chas West fits right in and delivers a strong performance.

A great piece of American classic hard rock, refreshingly different from all the European so-called retro rock bands that seem to pop up left and right.

Well done guys!


  1. Distant Prayer
  2. Livin’ Out Loud
  3. Wash Away
  4. Who Did You Run To
  5. Fallin’ For You
  6. Never Say Goodbye
  7. Path of Love
  8. Had Enough
  9. Don’t Have To Fight No More
  10. Silent Wonder
  11. What You Take

Playing Time: 53:14

Release date: January 29, 2016

Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Website: Resurrection Kings @ Facebook

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