Reject the Sickness – Chains Of Solitude


Belgian melodeath with progressive elements and a twist of core – That’s how the label describes the music style of the band. After a demo in 2010 and a mini CD in 2013, this is the band’s first full-length.

After an intro, heavy riffs combined with fast drumming and melodic guitar pieces are the main ingredients of “Chains Of Solitude”. Besides the harsh/grunting vocals there is also a piece with clean vocals. A lot of tracks have the same formula: fast melodic death with breakdowns and melody. The third track opens with fast drumming in metalcore style and then turns to midtempo to speed up again further on. After a few tracks I thought that I heard it all, but fortunately the song “Alone” started. The album certainly needed this track, just for variety. It is a soft song with clean vocals fro  Guy Vercruysse. I was surprised that he also could sing this way. After that they return to their melodeath/core/progressive style like on the first songs.

The album has a good production done by Jochem Jacobs. After listening to the album I have to agree that melodeath with core influences is a good way to describe the style. I also understand what the band means by the term progressive, but progressive is perhaps a too big word. I think the music on the album deserves a rating of 7,5 devils, 8 devils is a bit too much, that’s why you see 7 devils above.


01. Intro
02. Chains of Solitude
03. My Agony
04. Only Darkness Is Real
05. Depravity
06. Psychopath
07. Alone
08. Heaven Turns Black
09. Hopeless
10. Seedless
11. The Fire’s Burning

Playing time: 41:00

Release date: 11 November, 2015

Label: Mighty Music


Reinier de Vries
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