Rage of Fire

Release date: August 28th 2006
Dockyard 1

VME (Denmark)

Power Metal

Rating: 68/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
October 26th 2006

Does anybody remember the 2 classic Heavens Gate albums; 'In Control' (1989) and 'Livin' in Hysteria' (1991)? The heart and soul of the band were off course vocalist Thomas Rettke and guitarist Sascha Paeth, and even though Heavens Gate released some very fine pieces of metal, the big breakthrough never came, and they called it quits after the release of 'Menergy' in 1999.

While it has been quite silent in the Rettke camp ever since - he did appear on the 'Aina: Days of Rising Doom' metal opera, Sascha Paeth has off course made a household name of himself as a highly respected metal producer since the days of Heavens Gate. Now they are back together in style...

Just like it was the case with Heavens Gate the key to success here is Judas Priest! Heavily influenced by them, sometimes a bit too obvious to me, they plough thru 11 NWoBHM songs transcended into the new millennium with conviction and ease. Thomas Rettke proves just how good a power metal vocalist he is and Sascha Paeth has to be one the most underrated lead guitarist around, and the supporting cast of André Borawski (Guitars), Klemens Klarhorst (Bass) and Daniel Eichholz (Drums) does a solid job here as well.

But somehow the spark never ignites, this never get beyond OK. This is a fine collection of respectable songs, but I wish a few were standing out, because the potential surely is there... but that's not the case, so we end up with a acceptable release, which should appeal to fans of NWoBHM as well as power metal.

Check it out...