Redemption – The Art of Loss

The Redemption album I will forever measure all others up against is still “Snowfall on Judgment Day”, one the finest albums in 2009. Their new album “The Art of Loss” gives it a fair run for the money and is a close second to their magnum opus.

We all know the struggles Nicolas van Dyk has gone thru and overcome, and now the band has to deal with yet another situation; Bernie Versailles has taken some time off from the band to deal with his struggles. But what counts is the music and they have once more produced an outstanding album.

Using a formula that has worked in the past: recorded and produced by Tommy Hansen (in my own backyard), who was the producer on “Snowfall on Judgment Day” as well, and using cover art artist Travis Smith again as well.

This album is a perfect mixture of passionate complex progressive metal songs, packed with emotions and aggression. Everything has taken a step forward compared to their previous album “This Mortal Coil” from 2011, and once you’ve take the time to take it all in you’ll sit back with one the finest moments in progressive metal this year.

One killer riff after another comes blasting thru my speakers and the guitar leads are out of this world: Nicolas and Bernie have once more outdone themselves, and the guests Chris Broderick, Marty Friedman, Simone Mularoni and Chris Poland adds to the fun. Another guest I have to mention is John Bush, he shares the vocals with Ray Alder on perhaps the most straight forward song they ever done: “Love Reign o’er Me”. A great duet from two outstanding vocalists.

One song does stand out: the 23-minute epic “At Day’s End” where they puts everything Redemption stands for into one massive song and the result is spectacular. But the rest needs not to hide behind this masterpiece because the remaining eight songs are also of the highest calibre. And lets not forget Ray Alder… not many measures up to his standard in progressive metal and he shows once more what a virtuoso vocalist he is.

I have been blown away once more, and 2016 looks very bright in terms of great music, my financial situation… not so much!


  1. The Art of Loss (5:22)
  2. Slouching Towards Bethlehem (8:06)
  3. Damaged (4:56)
  4. Hope Dies Last (10:33)
  5. That Golden Light (4:54)
  6. Thirty Silver (6:25)
  7. The Center of the Fire (7:55)
  8. Love Reign o’er Me (5:08)
  9. At Day’s End (22:33)

Playing Time: 75:57

Release date: February 26, 2016

Label: Metal Blade Records

Website: Redemption @ Facebook

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