Raze – Mankind’s Heritage


I have been looking for some info on the internet about this band and found out that they released an EP in 2011 called ‘Man vs Machine’, so this is their debut full length. They are based in the North West of Spain and play thrash. The band consists of four members: Marcos and David on guitar, Macaco on bass and Sebas on drums. Mentioning the names here doesn’t add a thing to this review, because first names don’t say shit. Another more interesting thing is that they are one of the opening acts for Artillery when touring Spain.

Now to the music. From the first until the last note, the band plays thrash influenced by some old school thrash bands. No more and no less. I can listen to the entire album without getting bored, but on the other hand, I don’t hear anything new or exiting. The riffs are galopping up and down and the vocals stick to the music. At times the slightly biting and squizing vocals remember me of Dave Mustaine. You can say that they sound like a lot of other so called NWOTM bands, mixing influences of bands like Destruction and Kreator with Bay Area thrash. Angelus Apatrida, Suicidal Angels, Havok, Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb are just a few modern thrash combos that are entering my mind.

After a few listens I don’t know if I should give the album seven or eight devils. I think it has to be seven with a half one added …


01. Bad News
02. L.O.B.
03. Evil Waits
04. The Siege
05. Raze the Earth
06. The Church Is On Fire
07. Do You Wanna Die
08. Streets Of Wickedness

Playing time: 38:00

Release date: 15 December, 2015

Label: Susperia Records

Website: www.facebook.com/razemetal

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