Operation: Mindcrime II

Release date: March 31st 2006
Label: Rhino
Distribution: Import
Progressive Power Metal

Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 9th 2006

First of this is the best Queensr˙che album since "Promised Land" back in 1995, which really isn't telling much as so many disappointed fans can attest to...

Secondly - the first part set the standard in so many areas - and still do - one of them sound wise, so why on earth have Queensr˙che tried to recreate the old sound, and failing miserably? OK I do like the idea of trying to recreate the old sound, but I somehow had expected the sound to be up-to-date.

Third - I have no problem with them continuing the story from part one, nice to get the conclusion of the story of Nikki. And the few references to the first part are all worked nicely into the concept. The continuation of the story is actually a very successful one, hats off to Geoff Tate here...

Fourth - it's pretty hard not to compare this part with the first one, and for most parts this album falls short in all aspects. Sure there are some very good songs on this album like the cool and heavy opener "I'm American", "Hostage", "The Hands" (which reminds me quite a bit of "Hands on Heart") and the wonderful duet between Ronnie James Dio and Geoff Tate in "The Chase".

Fifth - when you try to recreate magic, you do fail in most cases, so do Queensr˙che here, but looking at the album alone, this is still an OK album, that has it cool moments. And I do think Queensr˙che fans like me will be pleasantly pleased with the album, it is after all a huge step in the right direction for them...