Symbols of Failure

Release date: February 13th 2006
Label: Neurotic Records
VME (Denmark)

Technical Death Metal

Rating: 92/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 8th 2006

Third album from Psycroptic but my first encounter with this Tasmanian quartet… but it won’t be my last, because this album is a very, very pleasant surprise.

Formed in 1999 Psycroptic deliver the goods here on “Symbols of Failure”, believe me, they really do. We are talking very, and I mean very technical and complex Death Metal here, not unlike German band Necrophagist.

9 songs of non-stop fretboard frenetic from hell mixed with grinding blasts and chugging rhythms. Yes, I’m very impressed with the musicianship of Psycroptic

I just can’t believe my ears… this music is so fucking tight and complex that it needs maybe 6 to 7 spins in the CD-player to open up… But when it does… Damn… this album is filled with brutal but awesome, insanely fast complex riffs that twist and wrap themselves around your brain.

Psycroptic takes brutal, technical and complex Death Metal to a level which most bands can only dream of. Every time I listen to this album I discover new things… new riffs…DAMN… The machine like precision of the way they handle their instruments are just insanely awesome. I’m totally lost for words.

So I will end this confusing review with a little advice; - Go and get this album if you are into complex Death Metal… put on your headphones and discover one of the absolutely best Death Metal albums of all times.

Is it really human beings creating this complex music? Or a machine…? or a…  

I’m amazed!