Protector – Cursed And Coronated

Thrash combo Protector started playing back in 1986 and formed together with bands like Kreator, Destruction and Sodom the German thrash scene. The style was typically German thrash and on this new album it still is. After 1993 it got rather quiet around the band, but 20 years later there was again a new full-length called ‘Reanimated Homunculus’. Before 2013 there were some split vinyl releases, but nothing big.

This new album is one with 7 new songs, an intro and 3 tracks (“Xenophobia”, “The Dimholt”and “Terra Mater”) already released on split albums or demo. But those releases were so limited that only the real die-hard fans will have this. The music is comparable with their 2013 release. Rather evil sounding old school 80’s thrash with great catchy riffs. The evil sounding blackened throat of Martin Missy is again outstanding and grasps and barks of old. “Today you will be with me in Paradise” he shouts in “Six Hours On the Cross” and believe me, he almost converted me… The production is good, Thomas Skogsberg managed it to keep the old school thrash sound without modern trickery. It really sounds like an album with songs written in the 80’s, but then with a good production. As a bonus there are 3 live versions of 3 older tracks.

For all you that like some blackened evil grim sounding old school German thrash a must buy!


01. Intro
02. Xenophobia
03. Selfdesdrugtion
04. Crosses In Carelia
05. Cursed and Coronated
06. Six Hours On the Cross
07. Base 104
08. The Dimholt
09. To Serve and Protect
10. Terra Mater
11. The Old Boil

12. Intro/Misanthropy (Live Dresden 2013)
13. Sliced, Hacked and Grinded (Live Dresden 2013)
14. Protector Of Death (Live Dresden 2013)


Playing time: 50:00

Release date: 26 February 2016

Label: High Roller Records


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