Proll Guns – Horseflesh BBQ

Proll Guns - Horseflesh BBQ Coverartwork

Thrash Metal with a good dose of rock n’roll with an outlaw attitude thrown in. That’s the Proll Guns for you! Or is it rock n’roll with Thrash Metal thrown in? That is hard to decide, but no matter how you want to describe the Proll Guns exactly, one thing is for sure: They are entertaining!

The first song “Texas Banjo Massacre” might start slowly wit a short instruments only song that is initially dominated by – get ready for a surprise – a banjo, but becomes pretty heavy and atmospheric in the end. The next song “Horseflesh BBQ” is certainly much rougher with the singer shouting out the lyrics with a deep, snotty and whiskey soaked voice. You also get to hear the usual Metal combination of a drum, bass and electric guitar in the song, but the banjo from the first song makes a comeback in this song. A nice extra, I think. The next song “From Texas To Hell” is a straightforward rock n’roll tune played Thrash Metal style! Fast, loud, but with a certain rock n’roll groove that will certainly endear them to many fans, particularly those from the “Lone Star State”. The title of the next song “Bloodgun Blues” is a bit misleading though. The song is way too fast and loud for a blues song, but so what? It is still a very entertaining Thrash/rock n’roll blend! The next song “Fucking Troublemaker” is definitely their masterpiece on this album. Aggressive Thrash Metal style rock n’roll with an equally aggressive outlaw attitude; pretty much the kind of song that is likely to kick up Whiskey sales in any Metal club.

The next song that struck me as noteworthy is “Lookin’ Out my Backdoor” as it throws in a bit of punk rock for a change! But then, outlaw attitude… punk rock… It isn’t all that difficult to draw a connection there.

I could write on and on, but in the end it boils down to the fact that this album is definitely entertaining and fun. If you love this particular blend of Thrash Metal and rock n’roll and don’t mind their Wild West gimmick, or even enjoy it, then you will come to love this whiskey soaked album! 8 devils!

Track list:

  1. Texas Banjo Massacre
  2. Horseflesh Barbecue
  3. From Texas To Hell
  4. Bloodgun Blues
  5. Fucking Troublemaker
  6. Reno Gang
  7. Lookin’ Out my Backdoor
  8. The Revolver
  9. Execution
  10. Southern Slavery

Playing time: 42:38

Release date: 29 January, 2016

Label: Nrt-Records

Website: Proll Guns (Facebook)

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