Pride of Lions – Fearless

AOR bands are a dying breed… not many are still holding the flame high, staying true to the sound that were so popular in the 80s with bands like ToTo, Reo Speedwagon and off course Survivor in the drivers seat and creating so many sugar-coated melodic rock anthems.

The duo of Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock still swear to the sound of back then, and on album number five from their joint project Pride of Lions, they rock like no time has passed at all. This smells and feels like the good old days, with an updated sound off course.

Pride of Lions has once more created an album that keeps my belief in this dying genre alive and it gives me hope for more great AOR releases in the time to come.

It might be a tad too sweet and predictable to many, and granted some songs lack some balls. Not all the songs fires on all cylinders, but those who do are among the best AOR songs I’ve heard, well since the last Pride of Lions album five years ago.


  1. All I See Is You! (3:58)
  2. The Tell (4:42)
  3. In Caricature (3:57)
  4. Silent Music (4:16)
  5. Fearless (4:42)
  6. Everlasting Love (4:12)
  7. Freedom of the Night (5:07)
  8. The Light In Your Eyes (4:33)
  9. Rising Up (3:37)
  10. The Silence Says It All (4:24)
  11. Faster than a Prayer (4:50)
  12. Unmasking the Mystery (5:04)

Playing Time: 53:25

Release date: January 27, 2017

Label: Frontiers Records


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