President Evil
Thrash N' Roll Asshole Show

Release date: April 7th 2006
Label: AFM Records
Target (Denmark)

Thrash n’ Roll

Rating: 35/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 10th 2006

Debut album from German band President Evil and a quite boring one in my opinion. Not that I totally dislike this release but somehow it doesn’t ignite. Except for “The Electromagnetic Superstorm” the songs are not above average.

To describe the music of President Evil is a little hard. I would call it “Thrash N’ Roll” just like the title says. I don’t think this album will find its way into my CD-player very often but of course they’ve got the raw energy flowing but memorable riffs, melodies and songs are missing.

The production is very suitable for this kind of music and I don't doubt that it will be hailed as excellent by fans of the style.

Sadly it does nothing for me.

Note: The review copy of this CD contains either edited songs or voice-overs. Points will therefore be automatically deducted from the overall rating of the album.