Powerplay – All Those Years


Westcoast/AOR is not something you normally associate with Denmark, maybe with the exception being Torben Schmidt and Skagarack way, way back in time. And we have to travel back in time to find the first signs of life of Powerplay; founded in 1987, gaining success locally and winning a contest in 1991 – “Best Performing Act”.

Things were looking bright – hard rock and AOR were ruling the charts around the world, and Powerplay were heading for better days, a record was in the making, but… things went sour, and the band ultimately broke up!

Now almost 25 years later, five not so young guys have gotten together again to play their favourite kind of rock. Recording their debut album: a selection of old classics and new songs. But just like it’s been the case for genre giants like Toto and Journey, time hasn’t been too kind to Powerplay.

You can’t put a finger on enthusiasm they have put into this project; they know their trade. The songs have the trademarks that were popular back in the days; finding sources of inspiration in bands like Toto, Journey and Supertramp.

But, as you might have guessed, there’s a but! It sounds outdated and I really miss some balls and energy. Granted it’s been years since a Westcoast/AOR album has rocked my world, and maybe the time for this genre has passed, or maybe it’s just me getting old and grumpy?

But any way you look at it, this isn’t an album I will get back to very often, but I suggest that you should at least give this one a listen if you enjoy old Toto, Journey and Supertramp, it might surprise…


01. City of Love
02. Powerplay
03. Why Are You Running Away
04. Going Home
05. All Those Years
06. Cry Freedom
07. So What
08. Climb a Mountain
09. Don’t Walk Away
10. Bad Bone

Playing time: 35:33

Release date: September 4, 2015

Label: Target Records

Website: Powerplay @ Facebook

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