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Last month I reviewed the new album of the band Raze. That band is going on tour in Spain with Artillery and also on the bill is Phobos Preacher. It will not be a surprise that this band like Raze also hails from Spain. As you can see below in the tracklist, the lyrics are in Spanish, not a language I control, but I can assure you (just look at the cover) that they don’t handle about love and harmony.

This is the second album after their 2013 release ‘Humanos’. Phobos Preacher plays music in between thrash and death metal. For the bigger part it is thrash, but due to the grunting vocals it does sound a bit like death metal; if you would add a pure thrash vocalist, I think we all should call it just extreme thrash. The guitar riffs are rather jumpy and the guitar riddles in between remind of Destruction rather often. In most of the songs the tempo is high, but fortunately the occasional mid-tempo parts bring in some variety. Also a big bonus are the excellent melodic solos. You can hear that the musicians are well skilled, but somehow I am not overwhelmed by this album. I miss some catchy songs that really make a difference, somehow the songs are not special enough to really stick. The other handicap the band has to really break through in Europe is that they don’t sing in English.

Not a bad effort, but I would be surprised if the band will gain a lot of fans with this o.k., but not very special release.


01. Nervous..

02. Asfixia

03. Mi Realidad

04. Palabra de Dios

05. Ultimo Suspiro

06. Solución? Exterminio

07. Rencor

08. Sentencia

09. Postrado

10. Prisión en Vida

11. Hundidos

12. Exodo

13. Egoismo


Playing time: 42:00

Release date: 18 January, 2016

Label: Art Gates Records


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