Psycho Fantasy

Release date: February 20th 2006
Label: AOR Heaven / Escape Music
Provided by: Germusica Promotion
Style: Hard Rock

Rating: 72/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 8th ‘06

The legendary Hard Rock project Phenomena centred around brothers Tom and Mel Galley is back with a brand new album called “Psycho Fantasy”.

Just like their first three albums, “Phenomena” (1985), “Phenomena II – Dream Runner” (1985) and “Phenomena III – Inner Visions” (1991), their brand new release is a concept album and once again you will find a whole bunch of amazing artists performing on a Phenomena album. On their first three albums we find such well known names like; Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Whitesnake), Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) and Brian May (Queen). This time we find names like; Keith Murrell (Mama’s Boys), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Tony Martin (Black Sabbath).  

The music here on this album is very close to be mix of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath (Tony Martin era), if you ask me, and I must admit that this album needed 5-6 spins in my CD-player to grow on me. There are some very good tracks to be found here, just take a listen to “Killing for the Thrill”, “Chemical High” and “Higher”, solid riffing is combined with an equally solid rhythm foundation, catchy choruses and great vocals. A few songs are only average in MY opinion, not crappy songs, but somehow “just ok”. To me this album is quite good, never annoying but also somehow predictable.

It is a worthy check out album for genre fans.