When Eden Burns

Release date: May 29th 2006
Dockyard 1
VME (Denmark)
Power Metal

Rating: 68/100
Reviewed by: Jřrgen Ditlev
Date: June 14th 2006

Swedish metal band Persuader was formed in 1997; a demo called “Visions and Dreams” was released the year after. A contract was signed with the Loud N´Proud label and a split CD with Freternia came out in 2000. Later the same year the first Persuader full-length album was released - a great Power Metal album called “The Hunter”, but soon after Loud N´Proud went bankrupt and nothing was heard from Persuader before 2004 when the great “Evolution Purgatory” album was released on the Noise label.

In 2005 guitarist Emil Norberg and singer Jens Carlsson joined Savage Circus for their “Dreamland Manor” album and with great success, so I thought that Persuader had split up, and then a few weeks ago I received a brand new Persuader CD called “When Eden Burns”, and yes they have a new record label again this time it’s Dockyard 1.

Persuader continues with their aggressive, melodic and uncompromising Power Metal, there is nothing new under the sun here, they still sound like Blind Guardian did ten years ago, and that’s a pity because I really think that these five guys have a lot of potential.

I have to say that I prefer the Blind Guardian albums.  

Recommended tracks: “When Eden Burns” & “Doomsday News”.