Stephen Pearcy

Release date: May 2005
Label: Perris Records
Provided by: Perris Records
Style: Alternative Hard Rock

Rating: 18/100
Cover artwork rating: 55/100

Reviewed by:
The Jack
September 10th 2006

What the hell happened here?? Stephen Pearcy, the trademark voice of L.A. rockers RATT, has released an utterly disgusting album! I must admit, being a huge RATT fan, that this release really disappointed me. Stephen Pearcy has really betrayed all his roots and there’s no comparison to his former glory days what-so-ever! His new style reveals a very desperate attempt to capture all the new tendencies in the world of Hard Rock, unfortunately choosing all the worst of those! The music sounds like a hybrid between post-2000 Swedish glam, i.e. BACKYARD BABIES, and the more hard-edged styles ala KORN and bands in that mould. The only appealing thing is his characteristic voice and the pretty well-produced sound of the album.

The man even chooses to incorporate industrial sounds in some songs and that really serves as yet another rung down the ladder.

Do yourself a favour and avoid this album at any cost if you’re into “true” Hard Rock.