Pavillon Rouge – Legio Axis Ka


If you’re the kind of metal person who don’t like the experimentation Morbid Angel did on ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’, then move on to the next review immediately. Because the album ‘Legio Axis Ka’ by French outfit Pavillon Rouge is like…’Illud…’ times six or something.

There is no doubt that this is black music, and in terms of vocals, there is certainly an approach similar to black metal, but there is also no doubt in my mind that most metal purists will turn away very quickly. I’m not necessarily a purist as such, but I’m also challenged by the thunder of the programmed drums and the slightly chaotic screaming.

For someone like me, one or two techno or industrial inspired tunes are great, and in the cases of Ministry or Krupps, I can take even more, but the combination of black metal like screams and the beforementioned industrial becomes a bit too much at length. I simply lose focus along the way, although for example the beginning of L’enfer Souvient L’Odessee is a clear case of metal meets industrial and sweet heaviness is born. The track Notre Paradis is also quite entertaining, since it’s a heavy industrial/techno cover of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, like a Coolio meet Laibach kind of thing.

So, yeah, ‘Legio Axis Ka’ definitely has its moments, but on the whole, I’m just looking forward to something that more metal, like, say Lamb of God or Fear Factory.


1. Prisme vers l’Odysée
2. L’enfer se souvient, l’enfer sait
3. Mars Stella Patria
4. A l’Univers
5. Aurore et Nemesis
6. Droge Macht Frei
7. Kosmos Ethikos
8. Notre Paradis (Coolio cover)
9. Klux Santur

Playing time: 47 minutes

Release date: 20th of April, 2015

Label: Dooweet


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