Panzerballett – Breaking Brain

I tell you, seriously, in my nightmare of nightmares this music is the soundtrack.

In that nightmare, I’m tied to a chair and forced to listen to this and my heart explodes because it’s pounding so heavily because of the influx of disturbing rhythmic patterns (or lack of same).

My brain gets multiple allergic reactions when the pretentious, scattered soloing in this jazzy fusion hell takes off.
And then there’s the saxophone. Oh, don’t even get me started on the saxophones! A track called ‘The Saxdiktator’? That is just about the biggest run away sign you can put in front of me.

Although I am cerebrally challenged beyond my capabilities with this German instrumental ensemble, I can hear that they are technically flawless and tighter than a chicken’s arse, but, honestly, give me guts, gore, rape and murder anytime – this makes my heart and brain explode in a way I do not appreciate.

1. Euroblast
2. Typewriter II
3. Der Saxdiktator
4. Mahna Mahna
5. Smoochy Borg Funk
6. FrantiK Nervesaw Massacre
7. Shunyai/Intro [feat. Trilok Gurtu]
8. Shunyai [feat. Trilok Gurtu]
9. Pink Panther

Playing time: 55 disturbing minutes

Release date: 30th of October, 2015

Label: Gentle Art of Music


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