Pander – Fierce Self

Every now and then I receive a hardcopy from a band on a local label. With all new international releases I hardly can find the time to review these albums, but I always put them on the: ‘when I have some time… still to do list…’. Not having to work next week, I picked this one out to listen closer and indeed writing something about it.

I already did know that the band plays a genre in which I don’t really live and for sure isn’t my favorite metal style. Stoner is what this Dutch band delivers and I must admit that it sounds heavy and the riffs sound like a big and fat bottlebee. The clean vocals of Meindert Pander sound very clear and fit perfect for this genre. Besides the swampy groovy purring guitar riffs, the songs have enough melody as well. What I like about the band is that there are songs in their repertoire with a little bit more speed.

The music reminds a bit of Queens Of the Stone Age and Monster Magnet. Fans of these two bands must give this band a chance and also those of you into Kyuss should also give it a try. Fans of the genre can add 1 devil to the above score. Nice album for fans of steamy snoring melodic stoner music.


01. At the Shore
02. Witchcraft
03. Korea
04. Leave
05. Fierce Self
06. Anxiety
07. Golden Sun
08. The Light
09. Preaching


Playing time: 33:00

Release date: 24 December 2015

Label: Stichting Metalization


Reinier de Vries
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