Release date: April 2005
Label: Own production
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Symphonic Power Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 22th 2006

When you have the guts to call yourselves Operatika, to play symphonic power metal and to have a classical trained female vocalist, then the comparison with bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation is bound to come up. But when you are as talented and your songs are as strong as they are on this highly impressive demo CD from American band Operatika, then there's no need to sell yourself short.

Fronted by outstanding opera singer Slava Popova, this band has the talent and the songs to catapult them to stardom, if the right record label picks them up. But the rest of the band leaves nothing to be desired for, starting with guitarist Bill Visser's very powerful playing style and excellent leads, the wonderful keyboard harmonies from Anna Dok, the intense bass lines from Stan Folcik, who together with drummer Yuri Liakhovitch builds a very strong foundation for the songs.

This demo offers 3 outstanding symphonic power metal songs, along with a short intro, but simply to label them as Americas answer to Nightwish is too simple, because Operatika's songs are all crafted around the very powerful guitar riffs from Bill and not the keyboards. Think "Oceanborn"-ear Nightwish if you want to draw the comparison... but Operatika do blend a lot of old school speed metal into the mix as well. If they can keep the same level on an entire album, then I am sure they will hit the metal scene with a big bang...

This is really "only" a demo CD, but the press-kit we have received is so professional, that I'll treat this release as a regular release. It only shows how serious they take their music, and I can only hope the right label comes along and pick them up, because they have clearly won me over...

Not convinced yet? Then I suggest you take a listen to the song "The Calling", which is available on their site. You can also order the demo CD there... so what's stopping you....