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Since he left Machine Head a million years ago, Logan Mader has paid his music business dues in Soulfly, Stereo Black and now Once Human, and by having produced, mixed and mastered a long list of great albums. With the rest of Once Human, Mader is now releasing their second album in twenty or so days.

It’s a good album all in all, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a man like Logan Mader. There are extremely effective guitar riffs combined with lots of power from front siren Lauren.

But all is not well.

First of all, I can’t shake the feeling that this is calculated towards the market that buys Arch Enemy albums. There are so many similarities in approach and sound, aforementioned front woman naturally contributing greatly to this feeling.

Secondly, when I first listened to the album and the first song, Flock of Flesh, I couldn’t help notice this insisting guitar figure, which Mader uses throughout the song. ‘Cool’, I thought, it sounds good and slightly different. Thing is, the same figure comes back, and it honestly gets a bit annoying. You know when you start noticing something, and it starts bugging you? That’s what’s happening here!

Perhaps it’s just me, perhaps my old ears are getting too sensitive, so, hey, try and listen to it. If you’re an Arch Enemy fan there’s a good chance that you’ll like most of this album or perhaps even all of it.


1. Flock of Flesh
2. Eye of Chaos
3. Mass Murder Frenzy
4. Gravity
5. Dark Matter
6. Paragon
7. Drain
8. Killers for Cure
9. Passenger

Playing time: 44 minutes

Release date: 20th of January, 2017

Label: earMUSIC

Website: Once Human@facebook

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