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A new Obituary album is like a cold beer on a hot summer’s day. You are looking forward to it with thirst, you know exactly what to expect, and it never disappoints. From the first tune until the last riff, it all sounds so very familiar. Since their debut album, Slowly We Rot, the band from Florida is the leader for death metal old school style.

They never made a secret about the fact that Celtic Frost influences them. The song ‘Lesson in Vengeance’ is a big example of that. Other tracks remind me of a lot of their earlier albums The End Complete and Cause of Death. The production is better than their last album, a lot heavier and more balanced. If I am not wrong, you hear more melodic guitar solos on this album than before. The sick and vomiting growls of John Tardy are still a main ingredient of the known Obituary sound. If I am not mistaken, this is their tenth release. I still find it very astonishing that I still like the new songs even without changing their style much. Somehow, they are the AC/DC of death metal. Every album sounds a lot like the predecessor, but it never bores.

Brutal death metal like death metal should be!


01. Brave
02. Sentence Day
03. Lesson In Vengeance
04. End It Now
05. Kneel Before Me
06. I Lives
07. Betrayed
08. Turned To Stone
09. Straight To Hell
10. Ten Thousand Ways To Die


Playing time: 33:00

Release date: 17 March 2017

Label: Relapse Records


Reinier de Vries
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Once a metal head, always a metalhead. My parents thought it would only be a period, but they were wrong. I quit to explain the beauty of metal music to others that are not into metal, because it is something you can't tell in words... It is like explaining to a teetotaller why a cold beer is so nice on a hot day... I started with bands like Accept, Metal Church, Iron Maiden and Metallica in the eighties and I think I will still listen to them when I'm stone deaf and old...

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