Nucleus Torn

Release date: November 24th 2006
Prophecy Productions

Provided by: Prophecy Productions

Progressive Rock

Rating: 30/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November 25th 2006

Damn, this album is a hard thing to swallow. Nucleus Torn from Switzerland has just released an album called “Nihil” containing music that has very little in common with the music I love, namely Metal.

“Nihil” is a mixture of Progressive Rock, Folk and Classical music, and it’s all about Cellos, Flutes and Violins and almost no guitars. Well, I have nothing against Folk or Classical music and I find a few Progressive Rock bands okay, but this album is too laid back for my taste. To put it simple; I find it too boring.

None of the tracks are memorable in my humble opinion and the first time I threw it in my player I waited and waited for it to start and before it ever even got there, the disc was over.

Of course I gave it another chance... and another, but the longer I tried to digest this album the stranger and more frustrating it became.

Maybe it’s just me? I don’t know. Nucleus Torn has scored several great reviews of this album but sadly it does not much for me.

“Nihil” is the first part of a trilogy and in the next few years, the concept is to be completed by the albums “Knell” and “Andromeda Awaiting (parts I & II).  

Check it out and decide for yourself, please.