Now Or Never – II

If you add a question mark after the bands name you get a question that is fairly easy to answer: Never! Sophomore album from Now Or Never doesn’t offer anything more than your average melodic metal band offers these days, and I am pretty confident that this won’t catapult them into stardom.

And it’s not due to the lack of experienced or skilful musicians. No the band consists of guitarist Ricky Marx (ex-Pretty Maids), bass player Kenn Jackson (ex-Pretty Maids), drummer Ranzo (ex-Sultan) and vocalist Jo Amore (ex-Nightmare), and you can’t put a finger on the technical side of things.

But when you put on a melodic metal album you want to hear catchy hooks and songs that leave a lasting moment; songs you find yourself singing in the shower or out of the blue. Even after numerous listenings only one song stands out, album closer and power ballad: “‘Til the End of Time”.

This album just flows by, nothing else makes you stop and think: “hmm”. A real shame because the pieces for something outstanding is surely at hand: gifted songwriters and musicians and the backing of a strong label. But “II” never really takes off… No it drifts off into territories where so many bands have gone before.

The album artwork is great and the production is fine, but what counts is the music, and it sadly doesn’t rock my world (much).


  1. The Voice Inside (5:37)
  2. Sonic Ecstasy (5:06)
  3. King for a Day (5:28)
  4. I Shall Remain (4:44)
  5. I’ll Be Waiting (5:18)
  6. The Answer (4:29)
  7. Revolution (4:20)
  8. Save Me (7:03)
  9. Feel Alive (4:29)
  10. ‘Til the End of Time (5:32)

Playing Time: 54:26

Release date: February 26, 2016

Label: Target


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