As God Kills

Release date: May 19th 2006
Label: Massacre Records
Provided by: Intromental
Target (Denmark)

Thrash Metal

Rating: 90/100
Cover artwork rating: 50/100

Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
May 5th 2006

This is my first encounter with NODE an Italian Thrash Metal band formed back in 1994. “As God Kills” is their fourth album and the release date is May 19 2006.

If you are into Thrash Metal be sure to check this release out because it is stunning, to put it simple. This album is recorded and mixed by Pelle Saether (Underground Studio) and mastered by Goran Finnberg (The Mastering Room).  

10 tracks with aggressive vocals, fast and angry riffs and thunderous drums… what more can you ask for? Picture this… you have had a crap day… and you lock yourself inside a room where you can hear nothing from the outside world… Then you put this album in your CD-player and feel the 10 tracks there is to be found here on this awesome release, smash, bash and destroy your brain.

Or better… You put on your headphones and let yourself drown in the music. The angry riffing… the angry vocals… the angry music fills your head… You have a very clear feeling that it’s just a matter of time before your head’s gonna explode because the music keep hitting your ears relentlessly with sonic pellets.  

It’s very easy to tell the numbers apart because every track stands out of its own and the production is excellent so I’m sure that every Thrash Metal fan will find something appealing about this album.

In my humble opinion the best Thrash Metal release this year, so far.  

Killer tracks: Take your pick!