No Saints in Black

Release date: November 7th 2005
Label: STF Records
Provided by:
STF Records

Style: Heavy Metal

Rating: 37/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
March 4th 2006

Nightmission from Düsseldorf in Germany war formed in the mid nineties and in 2004

They released a demo CD called “Missionary”, four of the seven tracks from the demo CD are included on the “No Saints in Black” CD.

First of all I think that Nightmission should have released another demo CD before they went on to do “No Saints in Black”, reason: Lack of ideas.

Been listening to this CD 15 times or so, and every time when I get to track 3 or 4 I just want to throw it away, it is just so fucking boring.

Only 3 of the 11 tracks on “No Saints in Black” are acceptable, the first track “Call of the Wild”, track 3 “Love and Hate” and track 8 “No Saints in Black”, the rest of the album are at demo standard except for the last track “Superstar”, a song with German lyrics that are below demo standard.

The boring heavy metal from Nightmission is something that nobody needs.