Neverworld – Dreamsnatcher

Perhaps you recognize the following situation. There is an awesome party and it is really cozy and relaxed. The music is good, the beer and wine are fine, the women are gorgious and plenty enough food. It could have been the perfect evening, but there is one person in the room that spoils it for everyone. He is drinking too much and is wandering around like a mad dog, insulting people, talking to loud and using language with too many 4 letter words…

I get a same kind of feeling listening to this album. Everything is there to make this a good piece of music, only one thing, no I should say: one person spoils it for me. Ben Colton (guitar/vocals) his singing is irritating me all the time. His whining bit barok sounding false singing spoils it for me. His clean singing, but also when he tries to sound more aggressive is just not good.

The band from the UK is influenced by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with many twin guitar harmonies and leads. Traditional heavy metal with nice riffing, good solos accompanied by atmospheric bit symphonic keyboard parts. In general also the songwriting is above average, however the song “Dreamsnatcher” does nothing to me. Perhaps again because of the singing, I don’t know. Another example is “Fall Forever”, a ballad that is completely destroyed again because of the singing. I feel pitty for the rest of the band that I can’t be more positive about their new album. A tip: please let Ben just play guitar on the next album and find a new singer.

Just because the music is o.k. I will not give the album an F. Perhaps that there are enough of you that like the singer better than me and then this is an album you could like.



01. Into the Mouth Of Madness
02. Dreamsnatcher
03. Armies Of the Night
04. Passion Killers
05. Under the Asylum
06. Fall Forever
07. All I Am
08. Awakening
09. The Grand Illusion
10. Face the Fear

Playing time: 60:00

Release date: 4 March 2016

Label: Dream Demon Recordings


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