100% Hell

Release date: May 6th 2005
Label: Scarlet Records
Provided by: BL Music / Scarlet Records
Thrash Metal

Rating: 84/100
Cover artwork raring: 60/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 17th 2006

Necrodeath formed back in 1984 and influenced by Slayer, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Bathory, are about to release their sixth full length album featuring a very special guest appearance from mighty Cronos (Venom), the king of Black Metal.

This is my first encounter with this Italian band so I can’t compare their first 5 albums to this brand new release called “100% Hell”. Necrodeath who are confirmed to appear at this year’s Gods of Metal festival in Milan is pure Thrash Metal with a Black Metal edge. To me they sound like a mix of Possessed, Sodom , Bathory, Destruction and and early Kreator.

My expectations to this album wasn’t very high, but I was in for a surprise, because I like it a lot. It is very easy to tell the numbers apart because the riffs are awesome and ever-changing from fast to slow.

And though each song stands out on its own, I can't help but point out the excellent “Forever Slaves”, “War Paint” and “Beautiful-brutal World” as the highlights of this album. But the rest of this album is good, too. It’s an onslaught of Thrash riffs that contain hints of melody and catchiness but at the same time assault all of your senses that will leave you begging for more.

This album comes with a very good production… and that’s it…
…No more words needed… get this album if you are into Thrash Metal, because “100% Hell” is… 100 % PURE METAL!!!

Thrashing killer cuts: See above.