National Suicide – Anotheround

After an album in 2009, this is the second for this Italian thrash band. The music is influenced by 80’s thrash of bands like Exodus and Overkill. The most interesting and for some also irritating thing is the vocals. A kind of high pitched version of Udo Dirkschneider combined with Bobby “Blitz” Elssworth and Danny Carnage (on the album ‘I, Infidel’). A typical example of you love it or hate it singing style. I get used to the singing after a while and then there is sure enough to enjoy.

Besides the driving crossover thrash combined with moshing parts, the most interesting are the excellent melodic guitar solos. “I Refuse To Cry” sounds like an Overkill track, especially because of the singing style and the title song has a kind of typical German heavy metal (teutonic) sound. National Suicide also uses the common for thrash gang shouting/singing parts, just listen to “Fire At Will” and you know what I mean. “Nobody’s Coming” sounds again like a teutonic German metal song in Accept/Udo style. “Second To None” is again more thrash, with nice guitar parts.

All in all this is a fine thrash album, but in general the song writing and the riffs are a little too average to really stick out above the rest in the genre. That I give them a rating of 8 devils and not 7 (which should be enough for an average album), is because the music has a certain drive and works very addictive for me. I just can’t sit on my chair when I’m listening to some songs, especially “Scene Of the Crime”….


01. No Shot No Dead
02. I Refuse To Cry
03. Scene Of the Crime
04. Anotheround
05. Fire At Will
06. Nobody’s Coming
07. Second To None
08. What the Fuck Is Goin’ On
09. I Have No Fear


Playing time: 34:00

Release date: 5 July 2016

Label: Scarlet Records


Reinier de Vries
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