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Swedish melodic christian metal band Narnia is back with their 7th album. In 2010 the band quit, to get together again in 2013 and for the fans finally there is a new album.

Vocalist Christian Liljegren (Rivel) has a very recognizable voice, Divinefire, Audiovision, Golden Resurrection and Borderline are just a few other bands he is known from besides Narnia. The powerful production and the good melodic songs with a big variety in tempo are nice to listen to. Uptempo songs like “One Way To the Promised Land” and “Moving On” are varied with more rocking tracks such as “Messenger” and the ballad “Thank You”. Guitarist Carljohan Grimmark really shines with his neoclassical guitar solos and the keyboard parts of Marin Härenstam fit the music like a soft blanket. My personal favorites are the faster tracks, but also the opening song is one I really like and sets the mark.

Fans of the band and melodic (power) metal with a bit neoclassic touch can be pleased. Narnia is back!


01. Reaching For the Top
02. I Still Believe
03. On the Highest Mountain
04. Thank You
05. One Way To the Promised Land
06. Messengers
07. Who Do You Follow
08. Moving On
09. Set the World On Fire


Playing time: 39:00

Release date: 16 September 2016

Label: Self Release


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