Nails -You Will Never Be One Of Us

Holy shit, this is one powerful motherfucker of an album (sorry for the chosen words…). Powerviolence grindcore is a term that sticks to the music. This is the bands third full length (if you can call it length with 21 minutes).

Immediately after the first notes I had to think of the first Fear Factory album, not because the style of music is the same, but this album breaths the same brutality and aggression. The heavy mix of death metal, crust, thrash and grind sees to it that the album is one big rage of violence. After you have listened to it you feel like being run over by a horde of mammuts. Napalm Death, Slayer, S.O.D. and Fear Factory rehearsing in the same room could describe the music a bit.

The songs are short but to the point. Some howling solos sound like Kerry King in his youth and the drums pound like a hammer hitting on an anvil. If I tell you that the last track is over 8 minutes, you can imagine how short the rest of the songs are.  That last song is one of the slowest, but heavy as a whale with obesitas. That the album is short is no problem at all, because you keep pushing the repeat button again and again. This music is not for pussies and don’t say I haven’t warned you!




01. You Will Never Be One Of Us
02. Friend To All
03. Made To Make You Fall
04. Life Is A Death Sentence
05. Violence Is Forever
06. Savage Intolerance
07. In Pain
08. Parasite
09. Into Quietus
10. The Come Crawling Back


Playing time: 21:00

Release date: 17 June 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast



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