Mystic Prophecy
Savage Souls

Release date: February 24th 2006
Massacre Records
VME (Denmark)

Dark Heavy Power Metal

Rating: 74/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
February 5th 2006

Greek/German band Mystic Prophecy is back with a brand new release called “Savage Souls”. Mystic Prophecy’s new album is a little darker and aggressive but still with a melodic edge.

Produced by R.D. Liapakis (Vocals) and Mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman-Studio, Sweden, “Savage Souls” is exactly what I had expected. Dark sounding Heavy Power Metal that will satisfy most Mystic Prophecy fans out there.

I must admit I have one problem with this band. The songs are good but not great. They are at the same level and I miss a few hammer-tracks. Don’t get me wrong here… I like this album but words escape me when I try to look at “Savage Souls” as a great album. It is rock solid, but it somehow lacks something special around it… you know a few tracks that really stands out.

I’m sorry… I’m lost for words… we have some good songs and some average songs together with a powerful production and very good musicianship results in an album that I just have to recommend to all Mystic Prophecy fans. The rest of you should listen before you buy.