Mystic Prophecy – Vengeance

Many of you might already own Mystic Prophecy’s “Vengeance” as this here is a re-release from an album that was originally released back in 2001. So, longterm fans of the band will obviously not have to bother about this particular review, but what about newer fans, or fans who are not already aquainted with the band? The fact that the band is still around after 16 years suggests that there is a certain quality to the band, but is this really the case? And did this quality already show on their first album?

The answer to the question is that “Vengeance” is a decent Power Metal album that will likely make many a fan happy. It is not a highlight of the genre, but it is definitely a decent effort that is worth its money. Just don’t expect anything special that goes beyond good craftmanship. Clean vocals, decent guitar work, a driving drum and that certain epic vibe, that certain feeling that Power Metal bands so often try to convey is absolutely there. So yes, the album is not bad and its sometimes darker vibe offers a nice change for fans of the genre. Fans who are not into Power Metal should think twice though.

But what about the last two songs you might wonder? Live recordings? From a debut album? These two songs are obviously a nice extra and might be of interest for longterm fans of the band, but the songs come with a twist: The recording quality suggests that the last two songs are bootleg material. Bootleg recordings have a long tradition within Heavy Metal as a whole. Many fans love them and most bands do not mind live bootlegs, or even support those who enjoy them. So, why not?

Anyway, 7 devils for a more than decent effort!

Track list:

  1. 1545 – The Beginning
  2. Sky’s Burning
  3. Damnation And Darkness
  4. Welcome (In The Damned Circle)
  5. Dark Side Of The Moon
  6. River Of Hate
  7. In The Mirror
  8. In The Distance
  9. When Shadows Fall
  10. Fallen Angel
  11. Evil Empires (Live)
  12. Masters of Sin (Live)

Playing time:  60:49

Release date: 13th January, 2017 (re-release)

Label:  Massacra Recrords

Website:  Mystic Prophecy (Facebook)

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