Myrath – Legacy

My first encounter with this rather unique progressive power metal band from Tunisia was back in 2010, when they released their “Desert Call” album on the XIII Bis Records label. A very impressive album with roots in progressive metal as well as power metal with an authentic Arabic twist. Another album followed in 2011; “Sands of Time” and with that album they took another big step forward, exploring and expanding their unique style and sound. And now five years down the road they are ready to unleashed their new and most complete album to date unto the masses: “Legacy”.

The basics remain the same, they’ve added a solid portion of melody this time around and the Northern Africa influences are even more integrated in their sound, which results in a great symbiosis. Everything has taken steps ahead compared to their earlier albums, the technically level has risen, the production is so much better, the song-writing has also improved a lot and the vocals sound great.

And they do not sound like any other band these days, which is so refreshing and great, and that fact alone sets this album so much apart from the massive release flow. So if you want to listen to one of the most unique sounding band, delivering one of the best progressive power metal albums this year, then look no further… I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

I keep going back to this album, and pick out a new favourite each time I listen to it. Myrath has created a modern classic and I can strongly recommend “Legacy”.

Great album.


  1. Jasmin
  2. Believer
  3. Get Your Freedom Back
  4. Nobody’s Lives
  5. The Needle
  6. Through Your Eyes
  7. The Unburnt
  8. I Want to Die
  9. Duat
  10. Endure the Silence
  11. Storm of Lies

Playing Time: 51:02

Release date: April 29, 2016

Label: Edel/EarMusic


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