Mother's Finest
Live at Villa Berg

Release date: April 21st 2006
Label: MTM Music
Distribution: Zink / Bonnier Amigo

Funk Rock

Rating: 10/100
Cover artwork rating: 27/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 22nd 2006

I give up! I really tried to give this album the spins it needs to grow but nothing happen. Mother’s Finest should be one of the leading Funk rock bands but I actually think this is my first encounter with them… and one thing is for sure… I hope that it’s my last! Apart from a few riffs nothing stands out… the songs are just plain boring.

Mother’s Finest obviously became a big influence for artists like Living Colour, (can’t stand Living Colour) and they have toured with Prince… PRINCE?? His music sucks! This album is a concert recorded by the SWR at the Villa Berg with four bonus tracks… on one of the bonus tracks they suddenly begin to Rap… DAMN… can’t stand Crap… sorry… I mean Rap! Funk Rock is not my cup of tea and I can’t stand to listen to it anymore!

- I have just one question; Do you really want this album??
Answer; - You can have mine for free!
Absolutely not recommended for a Metal Fan.