Mortillery – Shapeshifter

Mix Iron Maiden melodies, chaotic parts Death Angel style, screaming aggressive Nuclear Assault sounding vocals, the brutality of Exciter and Slayer thrash assaults and you have something like Mortillery. Besides Iron Maiden on speed also the guitar tandem riffing has some big Judas Priest influences.

This is the third album of this Canadian band and one that really gets my approval. First track “Radiation Sickness” is full of Maiden melodies and Nuclear Assault sounding vocals. Besides the melodic furious guitar pieces, their big ace is Cara Mc Cutchen, she screams her lungs out of her body in an original style. Sometimes she sounds even a bit like an aggressive King Diamond, just listen to the track “Mantis”. Besides that she also produces some growls and grunts easily.

The songs are very very fast most of the times, with the needed slowing down parts. The name 3 Inches of Blood enters my mind several times as well. What I like most about the style of this band, is that they do not sound polished like the lot of the thrash releases this months. No perfect production, no Bay Area thrash style copy cat, no just old school dirty thrash with NWOBHM influences and a punk attitude. The final song has the typical Iron Maiden on speed melodies again and with the style of singing it sometimes sounds like a very aggressive Hell track.

Fans of old school thrash mixed with NWOBHM melodies and a punk attitude need to find some money to buy this piece!


01. Radiation Sickness
02. Age Of Stone
03. Bullet
04. Mantis
05. Black Friday
06. Wendigo
07. At the Gates
08. Torture
09. Shapeshifter


Playing time: 42:00

Release date: 27 May 2016

Label: Napalm Records


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