Release date: April 24th 2006
Label: SPV
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Dark Metal

Rating: 90/100
Cover artwork rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 7th 2006

After a nice and pleasant instrumental intro, you wonder if someone stepped on Fernando’s toes. He’s more extreme than he’s ever been as he bellows his way through the two tracks “Finisterra” and “Memento Mori”. Then there’s the beautiful instrumental “Sons of Earth” as a stark contrast.  

“Blood Tells” lets out more of Fernando’s rage and displays that wonderfully melodic riffing that always made Moonspell so special. “Upon the Blood of Men” sees more bellowing from Fernando and has a grandiose keyboard choir. The keyboards, by the way, play a dominant role on this album, but not at all to a disturbing degree. It works out really excellent.  

When we reach “The Image of Pain”, Fernando moves away from the bellow and uses that great, smooth baritone as well as a rather weird voice for an interlude… “Sanguine” is a varied track with quiet pieces, a female voice mixed with brutal sections.  

“Proliferation” is instrumental soundtrack music. Dramatic. Violent. Haunting. It moves directly into the best track of the album: “Once It Was Ours!” The haunting feeling of “Proliferation” is continued, only with the addition of Fernando’s voice and double bass drums.  

“Mare Nostrum” is another lovely little instrumental, and after that comes the ballad of the album; “Luna”. Fernando’s soft baritone in duet with a female singer creates a memorable piece that even the girlies might like.  

The album proper concludes paradoxically with a track called “Best Forgotten”. A mid-tempo Moonspell dark rocker with a bit of growl in there. No reason to forget anything on this album, guys, it’s almost one hour of excellent music with a lot of power and bombast.