Mirror of Deception

Release date:  October 6th 2006
Cyclone Empire
Website: www.mirrorofdeception.de

Rating: 79/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
October 21st 2006

With their third release, ‘Shards’, German doom veterans Mirror of Deception have forged a fine disc of darkness. However on a slightly lighter note than British colleagues My Dying Bride, Mirror of Deception leaves no listener in doubt that melancholy is the priority here.  

Without adding much new to the genre apart from a Life Of Agony hardcore part a la Method of Groove during the tracks Dead Pledge and Pyre as well as the almost progressive mid-seventies Black Sabbath-esque The Capital New, ‘Shards’ is an effort that will please all fans of doom with it’s suitably slow riffing and emotional vocal.  

Speaking of vocals; Michael Siffermann’s voice is of the fragile sort and does in now way resemble the dark hum of Aaron Stainthorpe from aforementioned My Dying Bride. Generally, Siffermann’s voice fares well with the music, but is sadly misplaced on the fourth track of the CD, The Erupted.

Apart from that, as I said already, a recommendable album for doomsters of all ages.