Mind's Eye
...Waiting for the Tide

Release date: July 21st 2006
Label: Lion Music
Provided by:
Lion Music
Website: www.roundrec.com

Progressive Rock

Rating: 72/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: July 7th 2006

"...Waiting for the Tide" is the re-release of the second Mind's Eye album originally released on the Rising Sun Records label back in 2000. The re-release features 2 bonus tracks: "Endless Passages" and "Spellbound".

I was highly impressed with their debut album "Into the Unknown" when it was released back in 1998, because it featured some very sophisticated and rather unique progressive rock. Continuing to build on the foundations laid down with their first album their sophomore release "...Waiting for the Tide" was another step forward for this Swedish band.

Mind's Eye's music has always been very technical, without ever losing the melodic touch. It's hard to ignore the excellent musicianship featured here, and I really like the vocals from Andreas Novak as well.

I do however have a mixed feeling about this album, because I fail to remember more than 3 songs even after numerous spins in my CD player. All of the musicians are highly skilful, but fail to impress me when we are talking about writing memorable songs... that said this is still a solid piece of progressive rock with lots of balls and strong musicianship. And it features one of Mattias Norén best pieces of cover art works to date in my humble opinion!

Anybody impressed with their "Walking on H2O" released earlier this year, or who haven't bought the original back in 2000 should at least give this one a try. To all others - listen hard before deciding on this album...

Recommended tracks: "Frozen Tears", "Calling (Father to Son) & "In my Mind (Spirits in the Room Part II)