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In 2010, Millennial Reign started as a solo project of Dave Harvey (bass, guitar) and together with singer Trae Doss and Brian Diffee on drums, the first album ‘Millennial Reign’ got released in 2012. Both members were not available anymore and so Dave recruited James Guest as the new singer and Wayne Stokly on drums. The three decided to go on as a real band and with a second guitarist, Jason Donnelly and Daniel Almagro on bass, the line-up was completed.

The music on this second album is the kind I like. Expect (U.S.) power metal with a slight progressive touch and some symphonic parts. After a calm intro, heavy riffs start and when James starts to sing, the band Queensryche is the first that enters my mind. James has a high voice reminding of a young Geoff Tate and the music also makes me think of early Queensryche. Fortunately, James is a rather good vocalist and the band created some fine songs. Crimson Glory is another band they remind me of in some parts.

Fine melodies and strong guitar solos brighten up the songs and some keyboard parts like in “Save Me” and “Will You” are in favor of the tracks. As almost always, the faster tracks can please me most. “Way Up High”and the closing track “I’ll Try” are examples for that. Another track that I really like is “Innocent Cry”, a slightly progressive song with some rather heavy riffs and Eastern influences.

This second album from this Greek band is one that will be liked by early Queensryche and Crimson Glory fans for sure. Below you find the song “Men Stand Alone”, if you dig that song, you’ll like the album.



01. Forever Changed
02. Way Up High
03. Millenial Reign
04. Men Stand Alone
05. Save Me
06. This Day
07. Will You
08. Innocent Cry
09. Not On My Own
10. I’ll Try

Playing time: 52:00

Release date: 30 October, 2015

Label: Ulterium Records


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