The Powerful Hand

Release date: December 4th 2006
Scarlet Records
Target (Denmark)

Power Metal

Rating: 60/100
Cover artwork:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 15th 2006

More Power Metal from Italy and this time its Metatrone and their debut album “The Powerful Hand”. The Metatrone project was created to demonstrate that Heavy Metal music can be related to Jesus and the Bible, and “The Powerful Hand” was initially recorded in Italian…then translated into English and made in cooperation with the theological seminary in Catania and is now released world wide by Scarlet Records.

What we get here is typically Melodic Metal and Power Metal and they remind me very much of Labyrinth and Vision Divine. We get 11 songs and even though this album wins a little with every spin I’m sure that most of you out there easily can live without this release.

“The Powerful Hand” is not a bad album but most of the songs are not above average in my humble opinion, however the opening track “”Veni Creator Spiritus” and track 6 “The Rock” is goose bums material. Those two songs contains very catchy choruses and Metatrone proofs that they have potential of writing memorable songs.

The production is okay but Metatrone do need more memorable songs to compete with the rest out there. Let’s wait and see what they can come up with next time. 

Recommended tracks: See above.