Metal Church
A Light in the Dark

Release date: June 19th 2006
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Style: Thrash Metal

Rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 31st 2006

Kurdt Vanderhoof has finally managed to regain some the intensity and energy from the early days of Metal Church, and proves on this album that he hasn't totally forgotten how to write great thrash metal.

This album captures the energy that made such albums as "Blessing by Disgrace" and "Human Factor" such great albums, never reaching the heights of their first two albums. Actually the song writing does have a lot in common with especially "Blessing in Disguise".

Sure there are a few flaws, and Ronnie Munroe isn't the strongest vocalist they've had - some songs are a bit too simple and a tad boring, but the general feeling is great. Highlights are the very strong title track, "Mirror of Lies" - one the best Metal Church songs since the "Hanging in the Balance" album and the re-recording of "Watch the Children Pray" as a tribute to the late Dave Wayne, who sadly passed away in May 2005.

Cool album by a cool band, that still have to live with the legacy from their earlier albums, but this album is strong enough to stand on it's own - do check it out!

Recommended: See above.