Messenger – Starwolf – Part II: Novastorm


It took the band a little bit longer than two years to write and release the second part of ‘Starwolf’. The space saga continues with this part, but I don’t care about the story, I just stick to the music.

Teutonic German metal is still what the band serves us – nothing more and nothing less. Only the ballad “Frozen” is a song below average. Vocalist Francis Blake does his best to sing this song as good as he can, but let’s face it, he is just not an outstanding singer. The other songs are all of a decent level, but that’s about it. If average German power metal is your thing, there is nothing to carp about. There is enough variety in tempo, the riffs are rather catchy and the melodies sound o.k. Every now and then there are some choir and orchestral parts, which keep the album from getting boring after a few songs. The track “Captain’s Loot” is an example for that. In this song, influences of Manowar prevail again. What also helps to keep you focused are the faster tracks like “Warrior’s Ride”. “Wild Dolly” is a rather simple track with eighties hard rock influences. The epic song “Fortress Of Freedom” ends this album, which isn’t bad, but not a hammer either. Therefore, the songs are too average and the singing not good enough.

Decent German (power) metal, not more and not less. There are two extra songs on the digipack version.
For fans of Running Wild, Grave Digger, Manowar and stuff like that.


01. Sword Of the Stars
02. Privateer’s Hymn
03. Wings Of Destiny
04. Frozen
05. Novastorm
06. Pleasure Synth
07. Captain’s Loot
08. Warrior’s Ride
09. Wild Dolly
10. Fortress Of Freedom

Digipack Bonus tracks:

11. Keep Your Dreams Alive
12. In Morgan We Trust

Playing time: 50:10/58:56

Release date: 4 December, 2015

Label: Massacre Records


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