Merciless Death – Taken Beyond

This album was only available as a self release, but now also on High Roller Records. Fans of earlier work know exactly what they can expect. Raw thrash the old school way. No perfect produced album for this band, no it has to sound raw and pure, almost as if it was recorded in the eighties. Think of bands like Razor, Hallow’s Eve, Slayer and a bit of early death influences of Possessed.

Personally I like bands which play this style, but Merciless Death exaggerates a little bit. You can give an album an old school sound, but this sounds almost like a demo recorded in a spooky basement. The second thing I don’t like are the vocals of Andy Torres (bass). He is just not a good singer and next time they should hire a real vocalist instead. In general the songs are o.k. and if you are an eighties thrash fan you will find plenty of nice things. But I’m afraid the album will not make the ground shake in the overwhelming market of thrash releases.


01. The First Temptation
02. Manifestation
03. Witches Spell Of Death
04. Baptism At the Skull
05. Oath Of Revenge
06. The Evil Of the Night
07. Christians Of Gomorrah
08. Convictions
09. Prepare the Soul – Taken Beyond


Playing time: 32:00

Release date: 6 May 2016

Label: High Roller Records



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