Megaherz – Erdwärts


Clown make-up. The singer is wearing clown make-up. If you should worry that this is a hint that they play something akin to a certain American band that is well known for wearing clown make-up, then I have good news for you. Megaherz definitely belongs to the so called “Neue deutsche Härte” and is playing industrial metal. They are also singing in German of course. Chance is that you will find the lyrics sound very harsh for this very reason. The actual lyrical content is also rather harsh at times, but not as harsh as one should think. Yes, the first song “Wer hat Angst vor’m schwarzen Mann” is rather aggressive and the second song “Ist das verrückt” is about “Verrücktheit”, i.e. madness, but already the third song “Glorreiche Zeiten” is different. It is more like a hymn that is supposed to prepare the listener for better times. Unlike the other songs, it did not grab me, though. Yes, it is nice, but it wouldn’t be my first choice when picking a song. Not even remotely. And this trend continues with the fourth song “Einsam”. The lyrics are quite interesting, but the song itself? It just goes on and on, but it does not evoke the feelings that it is supposed to evoke. Too bad.

The next two songs are remakes of two old Megaherz classics, namely “Teufel” and “Jordan”. Frankly, “Teufel” did not really grab me either. It is not bad for a rock song, but it did not feel particularly intriguing for somebody who mostly listens to metal. It is still a decent rock song, though. And then comes the last song, “Jordan”, which makes up for a lot. A harsh beat, aggressive lyrics, pretty much exactly what you’d want to listen to if you want to feel that certain shiver going down your spine!

“Erdwärts” is still a borderline case when it comes to rating it. Six devils? No, that would be unfair. The album is better than that. Seven devils? I guess I have to go with that rating, but please be cautious. It was a very close call.


  1. Wer hat Angst vor’m schwarzen Mann
  2. Ist das verrückt
  3. Glorreiche Zeiten
  4. Einsam
  5. Teufel
  6. Jordan

Playing time: 24:10

Release date: 4 December, 2015

Website:  Megaherz (Facebook)

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